is fun
ha ha trolllolololololol (trolling)
by conrade#01 September 09, 2011
Is completely pointless.
"Dude I've been trolling this guy like ALL DAY."
"So you've wasted your entire day. Nice job dickwad"
by Junkie Crack Pipe February 02, 2010
Fishing off of a bridge
Little Johnny and His Father were trolling.
by B girl April 28, 2012
People that go around at lunch and put you down. Trying to make a joke out of something that's stupid. You sound like a retard and only make the group your with laugh in reality.
"Hey, Here's one"
*Girl stops*
*Guy laughs*
"See that scarf? Did you get it from the toilet paper store?"
*Whole group laughs"
by Idontknowwhoiamdoyoulala January 25, 2012
Also defined as deliberately bothering people on the internet, trolling is the act of consuming both ecstasy and LSD and/or magic mushrooms. The combination of tripping and rolling creates the effect and the word; trolling.
Kaitlin went to that rave last night trolling her ass off!
by bigfatbagel August 22, 2011
Owning someone who is trying to trash talk
Some jerk:You suck dick, your so horrible nobody loves you


Some jerk:Yeah your so dumb

Trolling:Cool story bro

Some jerk:
by YoYoYoHommie August 17, 2011
pronounced {trohl-ing}
verb (used with object)

1. To troll an individual via the internet (predominantly through social networking sites) to see what they are up to. The act often involves searching through an individual’s Facebook photo’s, Tweets or Instrgrams

2. To troll an individual via the internet (predominantly through forums) and provoke/insult with the intention of inciting future aggression.
1. John has been trolling Lequisha on the computer all night.

2. Dude, I got banned from posting for 24 hours for trolling.
by TeaDizzle May 11, 2012

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