Mainly being mean... Its hard to explain but here's a video of tips and tricks on how to troll people!

"Haha is a good website!"

"Do you like the Trolling section?"

"Lol Yes!"

Me too look at this other website just like it!
by Troll on November 06, 2011
The act of searching for abnormally short men with body shapes akin to trolls. Trolling is done by single urban women wearing fanciful outfits in order to win the eye of the shortest male possible.

Because of the troll's lack of height, striking shoes are of the utmost importance.

Footnote: Trolling is enhanced by warm weather and latin music.
Mary: Let's dress up and go trolling on Union.

Katherine: We should go to the Marina- it's teeming with trolls!

Andre: And, it's the perfect weather to get raped! Count me in!
by DrDrea September 29, 2011
Also defined as deliberately bothering people on the internet, trolling is the act of consuming both ecstasy and LSD and/or magic mushrooms. The combination of tripping and rolling creates the effect and the word; trolling.
Kaitlin went to that rave last night trolling her ass off!
by bigfatbagel August 22, 2011
The art of reducing helpess nerds to tears over the internet.
Person 1 - OMFG I just got accepted into the national chess club team!

Person 2 - 'Cool story bro.'

Person 1 - :'(

A perfect example of Trolling vunerable nerds with greasy mullets and oversized John Lennon glasses.
by X1strpurex January 19, 2011
Having sex with a homeless person underneath a bridge.
Man I can't believe I blacked-out and went trolling last night.
by Rizzo428 May 04, 2010
pronounced {trohl-ing}
verb (used with object)

1. To troll an individual via the internet (predominantly through social networking sites) to see what they are up to. The act often involves searching through an individual’s Facebook photo’s, Tweets or Instrgrams

2. To troll an individual via the internet (predominantly through forums) and provoke/insult with the intention of inciting future aggression.
1. John has been trolling Lequisha on the computer all night.

2. Dude, I got banned from posting for 24 hours for trolling.
by TeaDizzle May 11, 2012

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