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Maily used in the sport of hockey, it is to deke around your opponet with the puck in a fancy fashion.
You just got dangled.
I dangled that guy out so bad.
by Rim Job Rob February 18, 2008
jacked up or messed up. when something is going wrong
This party is dangled.
You stupid dangled crackhead.
by Ian Clariza May 16, 2006
When a hot girl is macking on you, only because she is bored and waiting for her man to come off stage at the show, only to leave you feeling like a dumbass.
Yo man, that bitch over there was all over me, until her boy came by and scooped her up. Man I just got dangled fo' sho'.
by Delta Romeo February 27, 2011
1) when one tricks someone into thinking the opposite
2) what Gag is not.
"man, we ran out of gas, you're going to have to walk home"
by gggggges May 19, 2009
to have freaky sex; to knocked the fuck down in such in a way you cannot walk the next day. Essentially the hurt so good effect.
"I'm tying to get dangled out here!!"

"Girl, I got dangled last night, it was so bomb."

"Ya i was with this one chick last night I hella dangled her"
by freaknasty1313 May 31, 2009

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