A combination of the acts of tripping on LSD and rolling on MDMA (Molly), otherwise known as candy flipping
That concert was so sick me and my friends trolled so hard

I'm trolling so hard right now dude.

I'm trolling face and I love my life!!!
by trippface April 18, 2012
Owning someone who is trying to trash talk
Some jerk:You suck dick, your so horrible nobody loves you


Some jerk:Yeah your so dumb

Trolling:Cool story bro

Some jerk:
by YoYoYoHommie August 17, 2011
being an annoying asshole, sometimes intentional. Can be demonstrated via verbal means, texting, or the internet
Person 1: Jack is such a jerk!

Person 2: Yeah he's trolling mad hard
by Jack "trolling" Crowder November 25, 2010
People that go around at lunch and put you down. Trying to make a joke out of something that's stupid. You sound like a retard and only make the group your with laugh in reality.
"Hey, Here's one"
*Girl stops*
*Guy laughs*
"See that scarf? Did you get it from the toilet paper store?"
*Whole group laughs"
by Idontknowwhoiamdoyoulala January 25, 2012
when you go annon on tumblr to make witty remarks about a friend who looks like tommy from the power rangers
Hey Tommy save any mosters from destroying angel grove today? Trolling

The flute thing you played as the green ranger was kinda gay bro?
by zenmasterdre December 30, 2011
Fate's (or generally,a general e-dumb's) action after realizing he can not win a discussion.
Fate: Because if everyone has a ban hammer,it's no longer overpowered.

Iorek: So it's not overpowered by being a ban hammer,but because not everyone has it?

Fate: Yup.

Iorek: That's when you start trolling..
by Sunabozu Byrnison April 02, 2011

Anyone stopping off at remote public toilets: hoping/looking for some: - gay politician,homo rockstar, queer chef or meth smoking evangelical preacher - action!
trolling, Ted Haggard, George Michael, Ron Davies and probably Gary Rhodes.
by might be a stamp collector November 18, 2010

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