a person that gives anything of vaule of some sort to tha opposite sex.
Man why u givin' all yo doe to that braod u a trick.
by Mk September 04, 2003
1)A prostitute, typically a term used for a gay male prostitute, derogatory. Often working at a taxi cab

2)A prostitute's patron, or used man, taken advantage of by a girl.
Ex 1: That trick was so smokin' I thought he was a girl!

Ex 2: You let her get away with that? Man, you're such a trick.
by Anonymous 4 A Reason May 09, 2009
I girl who is owned by a pimp aka ben. they do whatever you say whithout asking questions. They may think they have power but they have none, all the power is held by the pimp once again aka ben
Ben's trick kathleen thinks she can beat him up but in reality she has no chance
by Pimp Ben March 16, 2009
A person who gots a big mouth. Similar to a snitch.
Banga: Aye jo' u see dat crib up ova dere?
Trick: Yeah why?
Banga: Me n my niggaz jacked da bitch yesterday!
Trick: Aye I'll be back. (beep beep beep) Yes I want to report a burgalery.
by killakanesquad March 15, 2009
a slutty girl / women that gets around. its normally used in a bad way.not usually meaning something good
jessica is a trick, she was with alex and D.J last night !
by trisha and sara November 03, 2008
some one who thinks they are better then what they are
ur moms a fuckin trick

i know so is urs
by =.): britbby October 30, 2008
A word used to discribe a noun that is beyond awesome. Originated by skaters.
synonym: beast
"yo see you see that jump"-guy
"that was mad trick"-other guy
by Trickster27 January 13, 2008

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