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Heavily accesorized.

A ho looking for tricks gets all tricked out in spandex, jewelry, hot-cha-cha lipstick, and a wig.
At her coronation, the Queen was all tricked out in brocade, ermines, and the crown jewels.
by mandingoe August 27, 2004
Adj. form of the phrase trick out.
describes a vehicle, imported or domestic, that has been modified with as many types of aftermarket parts, perfomance or visual-wise, as are suported by that car
"We were up at the chevron and this tricked out RX-7 pulled up."
by DJ FoxPhyre March 26, 2003
1. Derived from the language of pimps and hoes; refers to the ho' gettin' dressed up for the trick. Now it simply means "having all the accessories" or simply being really prettied up. Usually used with a sense of admiration. May refer to people or inanimate objects.

2. 1. Derived from the language of pimps and hoes; refers to the ho' being worn out from doing too many tricks.
Meaning 1: "That '57 Chevy sure is tricked out!"

Meaning 2: "I ain't goin' to no bar. I'm all tricked out; I stayed up all last night freakin' with Darlene!".
by The Gris August 26, 2004
To take an average or below average object and increase its value by adding premium or above average modifications.
Putting a $2000.00 stereo system, 12 inch aluminum alloy rims (that spin in the center), and plasma televisions in a 1981 Gremlin automobile.
by Eric August 24, 2004
the past tense of modifying or fixing something to look just friggin' cool
biotch, i tricked out out my power wheels, it has hydraulics now.
by johsef August 29, 2004
1.To make someone or something better or more attractive especially applying to cars or prostitutes.
2.To pimp out.
That car is tricked out bigtime.
by Topher August 25, 2004
Usually used to refer to a car that has some mods (modifications) on it to make it faster or better looking.
Daaaamn, thazz one tricked out beamer.
by N2k August 26, 2004
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