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adjective, short for tricked out. like when something of material value is extraordinary or above average/superior in quality.
Kenny's ride is trick.
by Tara January 05, 2005
15 18
a person that gives anything of vaule of some sort to tha opposite sex.
Man why u givin' all yo doe to that braod u a trick.
by Mk September 04, 2003
9 12
To spend money on someone, to buy them stuff
All girls usually want is a guy to trick on them
by Jerz March 28, 2003
8 11
A word used to discribe a noun that is beyond awesome. Originated by skaters.
synonym: beast
"yo see you see that jump"-guy
"that was mad trick"-other guy
by Trickster27 January 13, 2008
5 9
A person who is too stupid to know that he is being played for his money.
That David is too blind to see that Suzy is using him only for his money.
by Hampton March 01, 2005
17 21
slut, hoe, biatch, GC girls, bamma, loser,
This trick thinks shes all that because she got a new bun.
by Keesha December 06, 2004
54 58
A trick is a bitch or biznatch.
Stop Rippin on Me You Trick.
by cartman5000 July 25, 2004
17 21