When a man with budding facial hair brushes his beard away from his face to make it appear longer.
Kyle; Hey guys wanna see a trick (brushes hair outward) See? My beards longer!
Chris; That's not a trick kyle
by KThomasB16 January 07, 2013
anutha name for bitch
or hoe,slut.
basically its a name u call sum1 u don't like.
man dat trick was tryn 2 start sum shytt wit me. i dun let her ass have it.
by lweezybaybay December 06, 2009
1) A small white jewish girl; most likely in the acting or theater proffesion who is a real biatch
2) Someone who posts inappropriate videos of you on the internet
"that trick totally posted ugly videos of me on the internet
by lshizzle08 November 19, 2009
Someone who spends money on hoes. A John, or a stupid fool who gets "played" by a slick bitch for his money. Someone ignorant to game.
"I'ma make these suckers recognize I ain't playin' hoe
If you violate off the top, TRICK, you gotta go"- Whoop that trick
by Honeybear187 October 27, 2008
as a verb: to trick
-to promote prostitution; to whore

as a noun: trick
-one who whores; one who is being whored

1.) "Dez tricks is mah business. Dey bring it in, den we roll it up"

2.) "I was drivin' down south junction and the 'llac was there. Nola, you know how she is. Yeah, 20 in da front for her shit."
by L0nd0n May 29, 2006
A trick is a man or woman who pay for sex... Mostly men are called tricks... but some women pay for sex too...
Im in my car on tha late night tip half ass drunk... I c a bad bitch strollin the streets... I say damn bitch u fine ass hell how much u chargin??? U is n the trick category, u payin 4 pussy...
by Sin Blood August 11, 2010
An asshole from lindenhurts, ny.
he will call you a trick, when in actually, he is one
chris mcguire is such a trick
by xxSh0tgunw0unds April 06, 2009

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