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Someone who makes the hair on your arms stand up when his name is mentioned. He is the type of guy that a girl would do anything to fuck, even lick a really fat puerto ricans ass crack. When cory walks by girls stare and if he says hello to you, some people even cry. He is that kind of guy that is so beautiful that even when you picture him doing something repulsive, like taking a huge shit, he is still an angel.
"Omg I was walking down the hall today and Cory said hi to me, i threw up on myself and then cried for 20 minutes"

"Yo dude did you see that guy, no homo but i wanna be just like him, he is a cory"

"Fat puerto man, I will lick your butt just to get with that Cory!!!"
by Joey Kyle January 02, 2009
2080 920
The real deal.
I want to be a cory.
by cokimoe August 24, 2008
1110 626
an incredibly attractive guy
bartender, i'd like to buy cory over there a heineken
by gerb55 March 19, 2009
982 551
very sweet, most caring, smart, stubborn in a good way.

lightens everyones day. very skilled, the funny guy in the group, Nice Smile, CUTE ! Has many laughs, a girl who is with him is the luckiest girl ever.
You Know That Guy Cory? He be FIIIIIINEEE !
by Cee; May 29, 2011
512 179
The Hottest Guy EVER!!!!! F U If U Think Otherwise!
"He's Such A Cory!" "I know Hes So Hot!"
by hehaheheha August 25, 2008
830 504
a guy with a big penis
girl 1: woah, check out that cory

girl 2: i cant wait to get his penis
by bobby777u77 September 05, 2011
483 176
A friendly guy who will always be there for you no matter how much of a bitch you are.

Travels often with girls and plays video games.

He plays world of warcraft out.
"That guy is a Cory, just look at the Horde t-shirt, big jeans, long hair, and wire-rimmed glasses. God, look at all those girls around him too....So Cory."
by Koralyrem April 10, 2008
1437 1286