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When one 'Trees' oneself - One shits oneself.
"Oh shit, Ive treed meself. Pass us them wet wipes and a bucket"

- From Pride and Prejudice.
by "A Pseudonym" June 23, 2004
the number after two if you're irish
wuun, too, tree, for, foyve etc
by Wise Man July 21, 2003
TREE: A extremely smart programmer/hacker that has a sick mind.
This glitch is brought to you by TREE :)
by J.T. Arseoen March 08, 2003
Name for a really tall person.
Scott: Someone go get that ball from over the fence.
Matt: Yo Tree, you could just step over the fence.
Tree: Shut Up!
by Tree/Old Mate January 08, 2009
Steven Kent
You seen Tree around?
Guy: Nah boy he probs up on WoW init
by James*~*~*~*~ August 29, 2008
A really ugly girl not worthy of a pull

Originated from TREE GIRL - a girl from the ugly tree.

If you pull a tree, you deserve to be laughed at.
"She's a rite tree"

"HAHA asif you pulled Tree Girl"
by SLUTTOES August 23, 2008
A Gay Person, usually Male.
Man that guy is a tree.
by AD3333333 June 09, 2008