a tall, vile disgusting female
just looking at tree makes want to vomit
by Rossco1992 December 16, 2008
Steven Kent
You seen Tree around?
Guy: Nah boy he probs up on WoW init
by James*~*~*~*~ August 29, 2008
A really ugly girl not worthy of a pull

Originated from TREE GIRL - a girl from the ugly tree.

If you pull a tree, you deserve to be laughed at.
"She's a rite tree"

"HAHA asif you pulled Tree Girl"
by SLUTTOES August 23, 2008
an acronym for Totally Rad Emotional Education
Hey, what's going on?
I'm going through some TREE right now...
by Emily Deirdre December 08, 2007
the cute little things they get stuck in the ground for a long time and never fall unless they are hurt by some wind or lightning
the tree is green.
by jerk October 04, 2003
another word for a mans junk when it is hairy and long
yo' bitch come jump on my tree
by bIg Hairee Schlong September 26, 2003
A Gay Person, usually Male.
Man that guy is a tree.
by AD3333333 June 09, 2008

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