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A slang for Weed, Pot, Poht, Grass, etc.
Plant a TREE, it's good for the envoronment.
by Henry May 26, 2004
fucking morons that ruin kid's lives. All they ever do is nag, and makes up the gayest excuses to ruin ur life. Kids are forced to keep billions and billions of secrets from their parents because all parents ever do is ruin their lives
~I had a girlfriend until my parents found out
~I wasted my march break at gayass programs, their excues " taking this week off from school is for kids to exceed school standards by going into different programs"
by henry March 13, 2005
Nickname for Howard Stern show producer Gary Dell'Abate. Bestowed on him when one day during a show Gary insisted that he had a animation cell of Quick Draw McGraw sidekick "Baba Booey" When Gary was proven wrong (actually "Baba Louie"), as punishment Howard called Gary Baba Booey for the rest of the broadcast. After the broadcast, Gary was heard to say "Well, I'm glad that joke's over." Little did he know.
Ridiculed for having big teeth, bad breath, looking like a monkey or a babboon, and being overly defensive when something he does is questioned.
"His teeth are green and skunky, and he looks just like a monkey, Baba Booey"
"What is it, Baba Booey?"
#horse tooth jackass #fafa flunky #tata toothy #mama monkey #fafa fooey
by Henry June 16, 2006
One of the best Zelda games of all time for the Nintendo GameCube. It takes place 100 years after Ocarina of Time, when Hyrule is flooded under the Great Sea. Link, for his 12th birthday, dresses as the Hero of Time spoken in the legends that reflect Ocarina of Time. Having his sister, Aryll, kidnapped, he goes on an adventure eventually involving saving the world.
Anyone who bashes the game is a graphics whore and/or an Xbox/PS2 fanboy who has never even played this game.
by Henry December 06, 2004
Nickname of sports talk host Jim Rome, originally given to Nick Van Exel, longtime NBA player who played for several years for the LA Lakers (LA being where the Rome show is based) but eventually Rome co-opted the name for himself.
"Hey Van Smack, thanks for taking my call."
"I am Van Smack, and we'll be back."
#romey #rome #pimp in the box #king of smack #clones
by Henry June 19, 2006
A phrase meaning, "something preppy and hot."
Kelly: "Seth Cohen's picture on the OC Season 1 DVD is really preppy and hot."
Jessica: "Yeah it's like wicked Camp Sea Gull"
by Henry January 12, 2005
Self-effacing nickname given by sports talk host Jim Rome to himself where he essentially calls himself out as a sellout, i.e., that he promotes or 'pimps' products for money on the radio, aka "the box". Occasionally shorted to "Pimp" by callers and/or guests.
"I am the Pimp in the Box, Jim Rome..."
"What's up Pimp, great show."
#king of smack #van smack #romey #romey rome #clones
by Henry June 19, 2006
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