a specific event in which a person "pulls something out of his ass"-unbelievable
"That half-court shot was such a tree, that guy is treeing so badly"
by alejandro September 13, 2003
the number after two if you're irish
wuun, too, tree, for, foyve etc
by Wise Man July 21, 2003
Yo' goddamn mind.
Nigga, you must be out yo' tree!
by TimmyT June 02, 2003
When used as a verb, it means to kill.
Tree his ass and plunder him of his cash money.
by willisisgod April 26, 2003
a tall, vile disgusting female
just looking at tree makes want to vomit
by Rossco1992 December 16, 2008
A fiend with large tree-like hair, but overall, still very short. also known as a shrubbary from the lack of height. Can be seen with a pineapple and other short equally fiendish people. Known for the tree dance and key phrase: wha? as well as bumping into pineapples.
Ahh! its a tree!
by Hobbit Mafia December 17, 2005
tree is somtimes considered to be weed(used to smoke) since weed comes from something planted)
Yo, wassup you ready to smoke some tree?
by Gabrielle Dooley July 19, 2005

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