the number after two if you're irish
wuun, too, tree, for, foyve etc
by Wise Man July 21, 2003
Yo' goddamn mind.
Nigga, you must be out yo' tree!
by TimmyT June 02, 2003
Something really wierd. usualy a strange girl who you want to just go away
god! those charlie, margi and Joely are soo TREE arnt they dan?
yeh especially Joely!
by Matthius17 November 18, 2007
A person that is disliked, often found in the "backyard" or mind
God, that person is such a TREE!!!
by Kate7410 October 23, 2007
an unusually large penis with tons of pubic hair
"check out the tree on that guy"
"what a great tree"
"women want that tree"
by Jason Gerret-Glaser June 11, 2005
The act of inducing sexual intercourse.
John: Hey wanna tree?
Katie: Hell yea!
by Legenocide February 14, 2005
ugly beyond belief. (Not to be confused with a real tree, like a beautiful maple tree.) Derivation of original saying "she looks like she's been hit with an ugly stick." To bring this stick analogy one step further, one would say, "she looks like she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down." This latter colloquialism has been shortened to just "tree".
Did you see that guy at the bar? Just one word to describe him. Tree.
by cc August 25, 2004

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