another word for a mans junk when it is hairy and long
yo' bitch come jump on my tree
by bIg Hairee Schlong September 26, 2003
A cool BMXer doood called Tree also called Dan also called Mouland also called Naomi&Dan also called Novelty Friend Who Can Drive ...
"Hey tree, dan, naomi&dan, can you give me a lift home tonight, o novelty friend who can drive?"
by Eminie November 25, 2003
something that sits in the ground and remains in the same spot for hundreds of years but manages to jump out in front of you on your way home from the puboh my GOD, what happened to you?

yeah i know, a tree jumped out in front be
by gimoncal February 28, 2006
a carving board to mark your love ones
carvs heart with girl loves boy/ boy loves girl in the middle of it
by laurajs July 12, 2005
A word used by certain Haverford Students, and other students of prep schools on the main line, who belive themselves to be "the real thing" and down to earth" when they are really quite arrogant.
"I am the tree, and you are just my shadows"
by Beans, the smiling Vengetable April 30, 2005
1. someone who is really tall

2. someone who just stands around when playing in a game of basketball.
1. man mike is a tree, he must be 7 feet tall.

2. i hate being on shawana's team, she's a tree.
by wastinmoola January 24, 2004
A tall girl.
A jain.
A curry lover.
A pothead.
A failure.
A lover.
A friend.

And lastly a SHALENE.
tree + leaf= mary jane, sex and fair play
by .leaf ; ) April 23, 2005
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