Marijuana, THC, Shwag or Nugs(kind bud)
Damn, them trees got me higher than a mutha****er
by Brian September 13, 2004
A stick with a bush on top.
Did you see that TREE today?
by koalasarebetterthanyou March 28, 2015
A weird bush on a stick that pops out of the ground, shits its fur off at autumn, sleeps all winter. and grows leaves again at spring.. it obscures scenery but without its heavy bush like breathing we would all die, some suicidal bastards cut them down...
LOL: look at that tree man!
BIG:i cant see past it
LOl; hey look some guys cutting it down!
Big:yeah bitch dont kill me or ill kill you
LOl:why did you kill him? wtf?
Big:he was cutting off my supply of life
by LOLPOSTS October 13, 2012
A slang term typically used by black people that is the equivalent of saying something is weak or whack.
"I must be pretty trees, you be laughing at me"
by Rabadabada October 25, 2011
A common phrase in south Dublin used to describe someone that has skinny arms(branches) and is tall.
"Jacob has grown into such a tree"
by Johnterry7 November 06, 2009
nickname for a very tall and lanky person.
hey Tree, how tall is you?
by waf March 01, 2004
Something that blows because trees blow in the wind
"That's trees son." "Yo boi thats trees."
by Keeeyyys Son February 10, 2012

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