the wood things with bark and leaves that stick out of the ground.
Hey, man what's that green thing over there?

what, that? that's just the trees, man.
by k1ng0fthetree5 May 06, 2010

It's also known as a penis. Just a more kinky way of saying dick. If you use this word with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you will surely get laid. It is more frequently used when it is between some homosexuals.
Landen: Hello darling. Would you like you be pleasured with my nice tree?

Mikey: Oh of course landen stick your tree up my asshole.
by Laynessa December 29, 2008
Verb: To go 'tree' on someone or something, meaning to go absolutely crazy, mad or ape-shit mental.

Generally used by fans of dubstep and/or stoners.
"I'm gonna go tree on you!"
"Dyu remember that guy who went tree at the party last night and broke the window?"
by dubberz January 16, 2010
To play out of one's mind in any racquet sport, especially tennis.
He treed like a banchi yesterday against Agassi.
by Bill April 08, 2004
A weird bush on a stick that pops out of the ground, shits its fur off at autumn, sleeps all winter. and grows leaves again at spring.. it obscures scenery but without its heavy bush like breathing we would all die, some suicidal bastards cut them down...
LOL: look at that tree man!
BIG:i cant see past it
LOl; hey look some guys cutting it down!
Big:yeah bitch dont kill me or ill kill you
LOl:why did you kill him? wtf?
Big:he was cutting off my supply of life
by LOLPOSTS October 13, 2012
A slang term typically used by black people that is the equivalent of saying something is weak or whack.
"I must be pretty trees, you be laughing at me"
by Rabadabada October 25, 2011
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