Tree ( Noun / Adjective ) An special person, who is yet Funny, Amazing, Honest, Kind, Caring, Joyful Person, who is trustworthy and that has an epic tail and personality.
Hey Tree, do you know what you mean to me? Look it up.
by Inysal September 29, 2011
the wood things with bark and leaves that stick out of the ground.
Hey, man what's that green thing over there?

what, that? that's just the trees, man.
by k1ng0fthetree5 May 06, 2010
Verb: To go 'tree' on someone or something, meaning to go absolutely crazy, mad or ape-shit mental.

Generally used by fans of dubstep and/or stoners.
"I'm gonna go tree on you!"
"Dyu remember that guy who went tree at the party last night and broke the window?"
by dubberz January 16, 2010
To play out of one's mind in any racquet sport, especially tennis.
He treed like a banchi yesterday against Agassi.
by Bill April 08, 2004
A tall dark-skinned guy.
Black girl 1: Dayuumm he look like a tree.
Black girl 2: Right girl, I wonder if his dick tall too.
Tree: Trick please.
by CoolGal1 October 14, 2011
The number commonly found between 2 and 4. A word used by NEPA inhabitants to describe how many teeth one has that lives in that area of the state of PA.
"hey dave, how many pieces of pizza do you want?"
"oh i dunno, bout, two...tree."
by elevenandahalf April 01, 2009
The number inbetween two and four. Only used in a small area near Scranton, PA called the mid valley. The mid valley is an area encompassing the boroughs from Scrnanton to Carbondale.
I walked tree miles after work today.
by Firenutz March 29, 2009

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