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blaring music and getting down to it. Jaming. Rocking out. Grooving to the music. Often used in reference to people driving down the road in their cars listening to some recording artists that they really like.
My neighbor is bumping Journey on his stereo.
We were bumping hardcore rap.
by runandwin June 27, 2005
Bumping is where you reply to a post for the sole purpose of getting it back to the top of the posts again.
John was bumping his online post to get it back to the top of the discussion board.
by Toddm December 08, 2004
1. Playing music very loudly
2. A big fun or wild party where everyone is enjoying themselves. With many people involved.
"Keep that beat bumping or this party wont be bumping any longer!"
by HK613 January 08, 2007
Old-school definition: to have sexual intercoarse with someone of opposite gender. See also bumping uglies.
Jenny and I were bumping uglies on the side of the road when a cop came along and harshed our groove.
by Lornius May 02, 2006
1) To play music in your car with subwoofers loud enough to were other cars around you can hear the bass coming from them.

2) Also used when saying a song has a lot of bass, and hits subs hard.
1) The black people at the stop light in the Impala with 20" blades were bumping so loud it was shaking my car.

2) You heard that new Wayne song? That shit bumps.
by Tylerey December 29, 2010
The act of opening a lock by inserting a key cut to it's deepest point and tapping it gently until the pins of the lock fall into place.
John forgot his key's,but managed to open his door by bumping the lock.
by alexxander July 19, 2006
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