what happens when u get horney or another way of saying you are horney
"dude ur so hot i really feel like climbing a tree right now"
by jack-is-gingham August 11, 2008
1. Tall plants consisting of a trunk and a crown, that are chopped down, smashed, and made into paper. Trees are less known for releasing oxygen and providing shelter for animals.

2. What neo-hippies claim to hug. You know.. the people who found their profound appreciation for nature in their senior year of highschool and will grow out of it in a year.

3. Slang for having sex- to "climb a tree" or "escalar un arbol" -phrases only used by extreme virgins.

4. Weed.

1. I can't breathe. We must have chopped down too many trees.

2. I love trees! I love the world! I love tie-dye! I love Myspace!


4. U know we lookin for the treez wit no seedz.
by greenteapot November 06, 2006
A large plant, that gives ruit, shelter firewood and provides homes for many wild creatures.

The thing that Mcdadeism and Community At Heart are bitterly opposed to and want to tear down and replace with concrete
Under the Community at Heart masterplan over 200 trees are destined to be destroyed.
by black flag June 28, 2004
Make like a tree and get outta here!
-Biff Tannen
by Anonymous July 23, 2003
Someone who is very tall, gangly, and tree-like.
Me: Look, it's David.

Friend: Oh, you mean Tree?
by bdaforreal March 11, 2010
1. Another word of marijuana aka weed etc.

2. A very strong or muscular person
Niall: OMG Abdul Latif is such a tree! :o

Shane: Yea ino holy shit and so is David Belle
by Styuone July 31, 2009
Another word for marijuana.
Shane: "Hey man, I'm so bored. You go any tree?"
Alex: "No. But I can call my dude and he will give us the hooook uuuup!!"
Shane: "Sweet."
by Wen* January 31, 2009

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