Yet another slang term for weed.
Got some trees, homie?
by SuperSonicX September 25, 2006
cannabis sativa; that sweet sweet green.

also, see treefer.
"hey dude. meet me and nick in front of the school at the end of the day."
"you know. something gooood."
by eatstopbath September 04, 2005
Another word for Marijuana.

Often used by an individual who drags out the first word in a sentence and refers to nice-looking girls as "mint".
"IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII really wanna smoke some trees with that girl because she is mint!"
by Citizen Insane January 02, 2005
Small whisker like protrusions from the edges of a poorly electroplated article.
"Man, those beaners always have trees on their work."
by king of graphics January 13, 2007
Discreet term for 'marijuana for sale'.
ME: Got trees?
DEALER: Yea man how much u need?
by Jroh November 19, 2006
A term used in tennis to describe when a player begins hitting shots out of his mind. A tree with a branch that isn't moving could hit that shot.
I lost to Tim today in tennis, the dude was treeing shots out of his freakin mind.
by MrPositive October 25, 2010

It's also known as a penis. Just a more kinky way of saying dick. If you use this word with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you will surely get laid. It is more frequently used when it is between some homosexuals.
Landen: Hello darling. Would you like you be pleasured with my nice tree?

Mikey: Oh of course landen stick your tree up my asshole.
by Laynessa December 29, 2008

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