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a 'pizza-cookie', baked and served in a personal-sized circular tin, generally with ice cream on top. Avalible from BJ's Pizza & Brewery

its sweet, sweet eatin
a pizza-cookie
by alejandro December 02, 2003
This word has a colombian background, a gamin is someone that lives in a hood. This kind of person knows how to do a lot of stuff and dies things in an ordinary way.
He broke into the teachers records and fucked them up. Thats a brave gamin
by Alejandro February 15, 2005
Bamboozled, shafted, or hoodwinked
by Alejandro September 08, 2003
Alternate name for snowballer. Someone who likes to have their own jizz spit back into their mouth.snowballer
see snowballer
by alejandro June 02, 2003
someone that does something shizery
"That kid is a jackass, a complete shizerer!"
by alejandro September 13, 2003
shizer with a b
Bizer in my pants
by alejandro July 23, 2003
A silly little tool used for smoking marijuana, thats all im sayin
Yo man, can i get ur piece.
by Alejandro October 22, 2003
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