A disastrous loss of train of thought while in an intoxicated state.
Scott: Hey guys! Hey guys! Hey guys! .... FUCK i forgot!
Alex: Bro... you just had a fucking train wreck
by AlexZzz December 05, 2006
to be completly messed up. either for the moment or for an extended period of time
1)Bill: i had too much to drink.
Observer: bill, your a train wreck

2)Bill: i just lost got fired again.
Observer: Bill, your a train wreck
by Ed Supreme December 09, 2003
A slow but sure halt ending in confusion, especially in music.
The train wreck was probably caused by one of the trombones not noticing the the time signature change.
by Reuel Titus October 20, 2003
A sexual maneuver in which the male defecates into the females mouth, and then proceeds to slam her face into a wall.
Don: Man I was doin some fetish shit with this really hot girl, and i gave her a trainwreck

Eric: Legit!
by Akhmed Khazir January 05, 2009
An obvious Trannie, or transexual, someone who was born one gender, but later in life changed to the other.
Hey, dude! Did you see Matt making out with that trainwreck?!
by whattup July 15, 2008
When 2 or more men successfully run a train (have sex) on a woman one after the other.
She'd be a fucking train wreck!
by D. Cosman December 06, 2006
when homeboy the newb DJ trys to mix some beats together and it sounds like shoes in the dryer. its painfull. it really is.
by nate_napalm May 13, 2003

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