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Extremely pissed or unhappy with a situation.

Also can be used to describe being "tired" or "worn out".
"Im so fucking rotted right now"
"fuck Im rotted"
"you look rotted"
by nekole December 23, 2008
someone/thing who is nasty, ugly or unattractive.
She thinks she's all that with her Louis Vuiton and Prada and shit but her face is rotted.
by v August 24, 2004
When someone is conniving, manipulative, untrustworthy, ugly, bitchy, dishonest, annoying, slutty, shifty, deceitful, gross... you get the point.

Also, can apply to a thing with the above qualities.

Heavily used in the gay community.
"That bitch is rotted."
"What a fucking rotted ass bitch!"

"That is ROTTED, honey..."
by Meltzer May 11, 2007
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