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Extremely pissed or unhappy with a situation.

Also can be used to describe being "tired" or "worn out".
"Im so fucking rotted right now"
"fuck Im rotted"
"you look rotted"
by nekole December 23, 2008
30 15
someone/thing who is nasty, ugly or unattractive.
She thinks she's all that with her Louis Vuiton and Prada and shit but her face is rotted.
by v August 24, 2004
18 10
When someone is conniving, manipulative, untrustworthy, ugly, bitchy, dishonest, annoying, slutty, shifty, deceitful, gross... you get the point.

Also, can apply to a thing with the above qualities.

Heavily used in the gay community.
"That bitch is rotted."
"What a fucking rotted ass bitch!"

"That is ROTTED, honey..."
by Meltzer May 11, 2007
4 9