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2 definitions by totallyawesome

Swag is an acronym used by a group of men in the U.S.A. during the 60s that means...

S- Secretly
W- We
A- Are
G- Gay
Unknowing Jerk That Everyone Hates: I've got so much SWAG

Knowing Person: Yes. Yes you do.
by TotallyAwesome July 21, 2012
Two extremely hot girls who:
1. if you've met, you'll never forget or
2. if you haven't met, you'd better watch out for.
Also known for hysterical antics at parties, passing out in random dudes' beds, and generally being awesome.
"C&C are so damn hot...I wanna be in the path of THAT trainwreck."
by totallyawesome August 10, 2005