An object that is so horid that one can notbear to turn their full attention from it.
When I woke up this morning, I worked through the pain of my hangover only to see that I had a damn train wreck in my bed.
by CJ April 27, 2004
A desperately ill patient with many complicated problems presented for medical care.
Man, did you see that train wreck in trauma three? He's never making it out of the hospital.
by Sekou December 04, 2003
When you get ready to have sex with someone from behind, but use your fist instead to freak them out.
I gave that girl last night a Train Wreck, now she only goes with girls.
by BroncoCrisco August 05, 2008
a primordial dwarf who has no personality, has a face for which if she got hit by a train would be an actual improvement
For trainwreck there are no examaples that can describe how terrible her looks and personality really
by Tom Catchings October 10, 2007
In music, when a live song just begins to fall apart and the musicians are all playing the wrong thing. This results in everyone stopping the song and just being like "Dude, we messed up".
Did you hear that crappy Emo band last night? They couldn't even play. Halfway into the song the drummer sped up like crazy, and the bass player followed him, but the guitarist didnt. It was a total train wreck.
by thedrummer June 28, 2006
definition of being a trainwreck:
- having the guts to say what you want to who you want
because you feel it needs to be said,
- dressing in tight clothes and bright colors
to purposly draw attention to yourself.
- wearing a bandana daily, no matter what else your wearing
- hair accesories are a must for females, as well as big and over sized jewelry
- make up must be BRIGHT yup, thats right NO MORE BLACK BLACK EYES
- fake eyelashes are a must!
- who cares if you dont like hot pink. wear it anyway
- trainwrecks are into rave music, trance, techno, happy hardcore music
- listening to music 24/7 is required, even if it is just one headphone in at ALL times
- having your clothes imported. is cool.
- tutu's are NOT just for halloween. Trainwrecks dont care what other ppl are wearing
- the bigger the hair the better. Back combing is rad.
- dying your hair a million different colors isnt nessasary, hair extentions are sweet
- Using words like "darling, rad, shweet, mkai, fer sure" are expected to be used frequently in everyday speech.
im not emo, or scene, or a kandi kid
im a mutha fuckin Trainwreck
by Kiki Trainwreck July 10, 2008
the result of beginning to drink quarter drafts at 7 p.m., behaving in a beastly manners and not returning home until the sun has risen once again.
I drank quarter drafts for like twelve straight hours, i was such a train wreck the next day.
by ctown February 02, 2003

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