a broken penis caused by interference with an object or excessive friction similar to railway cars that fold when they run into a car. a trainwreck can occur when a penis runs into a dry vagina or anus or foreign object inserted into either of the aformentioned orifices.
dude, bob's in the hospital with a trainwrecked dick!
by dirtybeard August 25, 2009
When you stick your dick inside a girl's (or guy's) asshole right when they start to take a shit.
GUY1: Dude I was fucking this chick last night, but she started to take a dump right when we were doin it, so I train wrecked that bitch! The only bad thing was that I had to wash my dick like crazy.
GUY2: Haha tha- wait, what??
by Travito March 27, 2009
When a girl gets all three holes filled. The vagia, the anus,and her mouth.
Rob, Ryan,and Harrison Train Wrecked three different girls last night.
by Harrison B. June 03, 2007
An online discussion thread that gets out of control. It often splits into conflict and an off-topic discussion. Like a train wreck, it 'moves quickly' because people are posting faster than they are reading the responses.
That Yahoo news forum on Dubya is such a train wreck. People are yelling and talking about terrorists. I can't keep up with it.
by hobrarian October 06, 2008
When a three way goes terribly wrong.
DUDE, Nate and Allen were banging this bitch and their dicks touched, Talk about a Train Wreck
by AndrewNG August 18, 2008
An ensemble of a male majority who perform various sexual acts simultaneously on a few consenting females of age. A Train Wreck's strength of cast may consist of four to a baker’s dozen. This starts off with the planning stage, which can also be referred to as ACT I: The Creation, where storyboards of various sexual acts and roles each character will perform, during and after wreckage, will be created. A detailed time line which maps out when these tasks will occur is highly recommended to avoid chaos, confusion, and accidental penetration. This will include, but not limited to, the delegation of sexual acts and duties such as the Dump Truck, Cleveland Steamroll, Houdini, Spinning Dragon, Alabama Hot Pocket, Tub Shot, Donkey Punch, Cincinnati Bowtie, Abe Lincoln, Angry Pirate, and Delhi Dot. Props, such as a horse for a Kentucky Derby, may be permitted.

ACT II: The Deed is the execution of the assigned tasks with artistic choreography and precise technique. The male members rally together and place themselves in strategic positions inside the designated Wrecking Zone to effectively perform on the weaker and outnumbered females. A Splash Zone for spectators is recommended. Balance, flow, and creativity with other cast members are crucial in achieving a successful Wreck. Although encounters of unusual male bonding may seem uncomfortable at the time, embracing each cast member as a piece of your body is fundamental in achieving the perfect Wreck. If necessary for improvisation, fluids can be mixed and saturated for the full effect. Various materials such as splooge, shemen, ass mucus, lung butter, muscle milk and pine cones, that present themselves to the Wreck, should be allocated to all receiving females fairly and confidently. If any consenting female asks to stop, she will be reminded she has entered a legally binding verbal contract which cannot be broken. ACT II is complete when all sexual tasks have been accomplished and a rite of passage has been realized.

ACT III: The After-Math is recovering and cleansing the Wrecking Zone, Splash Zone and cast for a future Train Wreck. The women will be handed aprons, mops, and various pesticides to disinfect the Wrecking Zone. When the police arrive, all evidence should be stored. Any excess fluids should be bottled and labeled for future wrecking purposes.
"Hey Jessica, you down for a Train Wreck tonight? My friends and I want to Dump Truck on your chest."

Jennifer: "Hey Natasia!"
Natasia: "Hey Jennifer, whats up?"
Jennifer: "Did you hear about the Train Wreck happening at Jason's tonight?"
Natasia: "No! But I remember the last one with Keith and 10 of his friends punishing Vicky and I with baseball bats. Look I still have my Delhi Dot!"
Jennifer: "Me too! Yeah, I heard there going to bring a pepper spray this time and blind us before we get steamrolled. You want to go?"
Natasia: "Definitely, maybe I'll bring my horse!"
by get tubbed March 19, 2009
I looked up "train wreck" in the dictionary and there was just a picture of Cher.
by Nerd Flanders January 22, 2009

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