When 2 or more men successfully run a train (have sex) on a woman one after the other.
She'd be a fucking train wreck!
by D. Cosman December 06, 2006
When running train on a girl, every guy has to finish somewhere on her body, leaving her a disgusting mess, just like a train wreck.
We ran train on this girl and we finished all over the place. It was a train wreck.
by tonyyyyy April 24, 2007
A woman whom is unattractive, fat and old and possesses the characteritics of a train wreck on her face in the form of moles, zits and imperfections.
After about 12 beers, Juan was totally into Maria, but the guys knew
that she was a train wreck and he would think the same too when he wote up with her the next morning.
by Dre April 06, 2005
weed laced with acid.....will make you see wolf ears and sound waves coming out of peoples mouths

take with caution and in large quantities
Erica: yea man....just do it...you'll see sound waves and ....stuff, this is trainwreck
Justin smokes...

Justin: DUDE...you have wolf ears
Dave: Yea...ur on the train
by ERica!jkk<3 December 04, 2008
Attractive young (possibly too young) girl.
"Dude, that train wrecks dad totally busted you checking her out"
by Drrr Gargrantuan Pokey Petard November 30, 2007
1. A horrible movie that is doomed to just spiral out of the box office and doom a movie to hell. See: Catwoman Cursed and The Village

2. An alternate country band.

3. When 3 men and a woman basicly have an orgy, one man fucks her in the ass, one gets a blowjob, and the other eats her out.

4. When a train wrecks...
1."Anyone here seen Catwoman?"
"Yo bitch! That movie was a f-cking trainwreck! You better shut yo skank ass up before I bust a cap in your nipple!"

2."Well all be! This alternate country band comviently named Trainwreck flat out sucks my horses nutsack!"

3."Oh dude Karen just got herself a trainwreck last night!"
"What a f-ckin Halle Berry!"

4."OH SHIT!"
"That train just got into a trainwreck, when that little innocent boy fell onto the tracks!"
"That's some messed up shit!"
by DontbeHatin April 28, 2005
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