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A wonderful city filled with culture and white single women who attempt to do yoga, but fail miserably. Crazy young couples who live in Liberty Village with hippie kids roaming Queen st. Most kids here love their city, but all the suburbans are scared shitless of downtown. You can find anything from preppy, to emo, to goth people roaming the streets. There will always be all those creepy beggars, and alcoholics, but downtown Toronto is an amazing place to be.

Barrie kid: "no way. barrie is much nicer, and quieter."
by xtorontokid August 25, 2010
8 10
Toronto is the center of the universe no matter what any fat albertan hillbilly or dumb Vancouver stoner says

oh and don't forget Montreal Quebec and all of the east coast.... Are awesome
Dan- hey John what side of Edmonton do you live on
John- oh Dan I live on the Toronto side, not the dumbass side (ei all other directions than toward Toronto)
Dan- well maybe I'll come visit you I'd love to get closer to the real center of the universe
by TorontoMan February 17, 2010
11 13
Toronto is the largest city in Canada, and it is full of Queers and homeless people (Dont forget all of the Arabians and Asians who are all over the place). It is a disgusting city, I would rather live in some hick town in the north then look at all the fags sucking on toronto dick on church street where people's head get cut off on buses.
Toronto: Yo, Wonna cross swords?
by Suttoneer December 04, 2010
11 16
toronto is the capital city of ontario and the largest city in canada. there are a lot of homeless people, so i suggest locking your doors while driving or carrying a baseball bat in your backpack. it's a beautiful city with a lot of fun and exciting things to do. it's a very cultural place as well, with so many different people and nationalities mixing in one place. the surrounding cities have been swallowed up by toronto, and now it is being called 'the greater area of toronto' or something because it's so large. contrary to so many people's opinions on here, toronto does not think it's american, nor does it act american. i suggest staying away from lake ontario, though, because the americans have polluted it beyond recognition; it produces dead animals instead of fun times, now. toronto is home to the toronto maple leafs and the toronto blue jays, both amazing sports teams who deserve less mockery. if you're going to toronto, i suggest visiting niagara-on-the-lake (because it's cute and you can sit in the grass without worrying about sitting on a syringe), st. catharines (because it's home to the pen centre, which kicks the west edminton mall's ass), and i guess niagara falls (only because then you can answer those stupid surveys with a yes when they ask you if you've been there). it's really hot in toronto during the winter, like forty degrees celcius, and in the winter it's not too cold. the area is protected by the niagara greenbelt so not many snow storms hit.
i visited my family in toronto this weekend and it was a blast!
by faceface April 15, 2008
23 29
The REAL armpit of Ontario.
No, not keswick.
Toronto smells like a mixture of second hand smoke and homeless men.
It's full of "bloods" and "crips" and many other various "gangsters".
There are many stands selling hot dogs and other mystery meats from un-sanitary little tents on the street. There are also many hobo's attacking you with tim horton's cups asking for money.
"Aw man, when i went to toronto, it smelled like rotting chicken"
by Kortneii November 06, 2008
24 31
toronto is the dirtiest, most violence-ridden city in canada. most of the people there are assholes and/or rapists. do not go to toronto. for cleaner, safer, nicer canadian cities, see vancouver, montreal, ottawa or halifax.
i was in toronto the other day and on the way to the subway station i stepped on 37 homeless people.
by student rick April 10, 2005
358 366
Canada's version of NYC.
"I don't have the money to visit New York.. let's just go to Toronto, it's the same thing anyways."
by sLICK tDOT mAN October 06, 2008
21 31