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A seriously hardcore band with a pension for destruction. Their 2004 release of "The Oncoming Storm" completely took everyone by surprise. Basically unheard of in most mainstream circles, Unearth has become a potent and wicked hardcore band with a serious sense of timing, rhythm and musical talent.

Most of their lyrics pertain to the War in Iraq, capitolism, and George W. Bush.

Check them out, you won't be disappointed.
Dude! I was at Unearth's show last night and there were all these kids doing throwdown, and I just said to myself, "Goddamn, this is hardcore, but it's so good!" and then I got smacked by some guy who looked like Jabba the Hutt.
by Zampano July 08, 2005
Putting all that ignorant bias aside, I can safely say that being a resident of Mississauga, the largest suburb of Toronto, has opened my eyes. I have a respect for Toronto. I have an admiration for Toronto. I have not seen Vancouver, I have seen Montreal, I have not seen Halifax or Calgary or Winnipeg, or even Edmonton, but I can tell you that they are probably as unique and wonderful as Toronto is.

I don't understand the people that say, "Toronto is filled with Rapists and Murderers!" .. What about Detroit? We don't have weekly gunplay. We have a bunch of nice bars, a bunch of nice Markets, a nice Ethnic section (that takes up 50% of Toronto) and a great little Street called Queen St. which is littered with wicked shops where you can indulge in just about anything.

In short, Toronto -- and all Canadian cities for that matter -- is a great place to live, and certainly a nice place to visit. See you soon!

They say that Toronto is a place to earn your living, and Montreal is the place to spend it. -- Just food for thought.
"Hey! Toronto is filled with scum! You're all backwards yuppies!"

"Hey.. I'm from Montreal, and I hate you for no reason other than I'm a separatist!"

"Hey.. Why are you the economic Centre of Canada? That's not fair! I'm going to write a definition about how you suck."

Talk about petty. Grow up, kids.
by Zampano July 08, 2005

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