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Toronto is the largest city in Canada. It is the most diverse, friendly and accepting aswell.

Toronto is NOT filled with homophobics,racists,or ugly people. The people are friendly. Granted there are a few of those previously mentioned but overall the city is not in fact over run with "hairy brown women". Even if it was it's not those women's fault they were born hairy. And having brown, asian, black, and white people is not a con.

Toronto is my beloved home. It is said to have two seasons; winter and construction. This is in part true but once these construction projects are done, the city looks quiet lovely. In spring, the city is green and lofty tree lined streets and budding flowers are an abundance.

It may not be perfect but crime rates are low, I'm not afraid I will be attacked by a crazy druggie or hacked to death by an insane pig farmer *cough* vancouver *cough*.
I'm also not afraid to be me. I can be gay, ethnic, brainy and artsy and be accepted. Unlike Alberta...where i would be shot for thinking liberal...

Guess what racists? Toronto is great. I have travelled. I have been to every province and territory in Canada. I've been to London, Paris, New York, Belgium, and Holland. I have seen parts of the world and I like Toronto. I like my city in which stars sit and wonder under the very same skyline. I like the rush, the jazz, the little haven. I like Calgary and Edmonton and St.Johns too. I can like other cities.It's not heaven. But its home.
clearly toronto
by greenworks May 09, 2009

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