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Putting all that ignorant bias aside, I can safely say that being a resident of Mississauga, the largest suburb of Toronto, has opened my eyes. I have a respect for Toronto. I have an admiration for Toronto. I have not seen Vancouver, I have seen Montreal, I have not seen Halifax or Calgary or Winnipeg, or even Edmonton, but I can tell you that they are probably as unique and wonderful as Toronto is.

I don't understand the people that say, "Toronto is filled with Rapists and Murderers!" .. What about Detroit? We don't have weekly gunplay. We have a bunch of nice bars, a bunch of nice Markets, a nice Ethnic section (that takes up 50% of Toronto) and a great little Street called Queen St. which is littered with wicked shops where you can indulge in just about anything.

In short, Toronto -- and all Canadian cities for that matter -- is a great place to live, and certainly a nice place to visit. See you soon!

They say that Toronto is a place to earn your living, and Montreal is the place to spend it. -- Just food for thought.
"Hey! Toronto is filled with scum! You're all backwards yuppies!"

"Hey.. I'm from Montreal, and I hate you for no reason other than I'm a separatist!"

"Hey.. Why are you the economic Centre of Canada? That's not fair! I'm going to write a definition about how you suck."

Talk about petty. Grow up, kids.
by Zampano July 08, 2005
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A very large city on the north shore of Lake Ontario, and the economic and, (tied with Montreal), the cultural center of Canada. People living in Toronto generally secretly wish they were living in New York, but when they get to New York think, gee, Toronto's actually so much sweeter (like Cole Porter, except the opposite - not that there's anything wrong with NYC, we all love the Apple). Characterized by small buroughs and a deep sense of community, it's the kind of place where you get to know people by shopping at the same market. All this in spite of having the most diverse population in the world, of a whopping 5.9 million (2.48 million in the downtown core). One of the best Indy rock scenes in North America. And of course, it's the city that Americans are ferociously jealous of (particularly those in the midwest who can't stand the idea that something Canadian is better than something American) as can be seen in many of the entries in this dictionary. Secretly loved by those living here, and publicly loathed by almost everybody else. It is also home to the tallest tower in the world, the CN tower, which is famously interpreted as a sign of penis envy by the city's detractors and great achievement by its supporters. Sometime home to Ernest Hemingway (1920s), Morley Callaghan (1920s), William Faulkner (1940s), Vaslav Nijinski (world's greatest ballet dancer, 1950s), Glenn Gould (world's greatest pianist, 1930s), Hunter S. Thompson (1970s), David Cronenberg, 1980s), Michael Ondaatje (currently), Margaret Atwood (currently), Oscar Peterson (currently).
"Toronto you massive prick, I'm going to miss you" (anonymous)
"Writers tended to disappear once they moved to Toronto in the 1920s, but felt compelled to do so nonetheless" (Hemingway in Toronto, David Donnell)
"Memories of another painful morning in Toronto" (Hunter S. Thompson, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas)
by com January 30, 2007
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The city every city in Canada is jealous of
Especially the west
Oh, I'm from Vancouver, i think im going to post a definition on how Toronto sucks and how Vancouver is way better because i'm just so darn jealous.
by tRiix February 26, 2005
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A city i have visited a few times and it remains my favorite. Cleanest subways, nicest people, least scary to walk around at night. Also a place where I personally saw 2 guys in a hurry in business suits stop in the pouring rain to help a homeless man who had fallen in the middle of the road...and no cars beeped at them or were rude in any way...and that was on Yonge St. Wow imagine that. And yes the CN tower is expensive but what world known tourist attraction isnt? Lots of movie and music events.
dammit i wish that FastCat Ferry was still running... i could visit toronto from rochester every damn weekend
by likeitmatters August 23, 2006
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Canada's largest city (in population) and financial centre. Fifth largest city in N. America behind, Mexico City, New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. The most diverse city on the planet, where more than 40% of the population is born outside Canada. A world class city, often known for its global meet-ups, concerts and film shoots. Many companies, organizations are located within the city.

The city recievs large amounts of criticism from other parts of the city.

1. "Crime ridden": Basically, same problem as New York. It has very low crimes rates, yet it is critisized for high crime rates? Maybe these "other cities" can just keep dreaming and buy a computer and go the Canada Statistics website and find out who actually does have high crime rates *cough* you *cough*.
2. Pollution: Yeah, and your perfect star land where someone would faint as someone else slowly breathes out carbon dioxide.
3. "Ignorant": Do you know any city/town/village in central BC? Do you know any city/town/village in Northern Quebec? Guess not. Do I know the city opposite to me within in my province? Yes, Thunder Bay or Fort Severn, go figure.
4. "Not world class": Then what is? Why is Sydney, Australia world class? They certainly have less diversity and population (no offence it is an ideal city) and yet we don't have the things to match? Pathetic. Also, San Francisco is rated world class, Toronto has 10x the population, more diversity and their ticket to fame was the Bay Bridge, so we decided to use the CN Tower.

If Toronto were a seperate province, Quebec would be biggest, Ontario would be second and Toronto would come third.
by Some1tobe November 03, 2006
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A city that makes Vancouver and Montreal look positively dull and boring. It has the most popular hockey franchise in the world, stunning landmarks and is the cultural, economic, and sports centre of Canada. No other city in CDA has 5 pro sports franchises, nor the degree of multiculturalism and general good vibes that exist in the City. Many people who live just outside the city will say that they "are from Toronto" and those who live nowhere near are generally envious or spiteful, though never admit it. GO TORONTO!
Lets plan out travels honey, which will it be, The east coast? We can see drug addled vancouver and the most poluted pacific port north of seattle. Or we could see montreal and get mugged in front of a seedy strip club. Or maybe Toronto?
by hhh January 29, 2005
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city in Canada that is extremely ethnically diverse, and has great shoppng and nice people. My cousins came from the uk to Toronto and they said everyone is extremely nice here. I'vebeen to montreal and didn't really like it there but I haven't been to the other big canadian cities.
I also haven't really noticed the crime problem, it's not that big in most areas of Toronto, and expecially minuscule compared to other big cities.

By the way, *I've been all around* is just a 12 year old racist cracka who jacks off to cartoons, so don't listen to it.
I went to Toronto and Everyone was so diverse and nice there
by Rawman August 27, 2006
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