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The largest city in Canada, and the capital of Ontario province. Although not the national capital, it is the focus of Canada's finance, fashion and transport industries. Located by Lake Ontario, immediately east of the huge suburb of Missisauga. It is home to one of the world's most respected universities (UofT), Canada's largest airport (YYZ) and has one of the world's most iconic gay communities.

Toronto is incredibly diverse, with half the population being born outside Canada. This prompted the development of many ethnic neighborhoods such as Little Italy, Greektown-Danforth, Koreatown, Ronacesvalles-Little Warsaw, the Portugese village and Little India. Toronto also has the affluent areas of Yorkville/Rosedale, the historic Cabbagetown and Distillery districts, the youthful Beaches, Kensington & Annex areas, as well as 4 Chinatowns.

The city has short, intensely hot summers and long, harsh winters, although they are well adapted to this, and life functions normally all year. Home to many parks, as well as the green and tranquil Toronto Islands, 10 minutes from Downtown. Over the next 10 years, the Waterfront/Don Lands area will undergo dramatic revitalization, including replacing the derelict port with a naturalized park at the mouth of the Don river.
Toronto will host the 2015 Pan-American games, and is planning to bid for the 2020 Olympic games.
by amourauxarmes March 26, 2011

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