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An intravenous drug addict who injects their fix between their toes to make the track marks less conspicuous.
Christopher Moltisanti was a toe popper, shooting heroin between his toes, before Tony Soprano sent him to rehab (and threatened to kill him).
by Led Zeppole November 08, 2003
M14 Anti-Personnel Mine, widely employed by U.S. Soldiers during the Vietnam Conflict. Called the Toe-Popper due to its low explosive charge which was just capable of blowing a man's foot off.
The V.C. soldiers never noticed the toe-poppers until everyone of them was missing a portion of their foot.
by militaryman November 08, 2003
a person with a foot fetish; specifically, one who enjoys licking and sucking a woman's toes and her feet.
Being with Jeanette and her delicious size 11's made me the toe popper that I am today!
by Robbie November 10, 2003
A small anti-personnel mine.
The fuel dump was protected by a field of scattered toe-poppers, making it impossible to approach.
by David November 08, 2003
type of land mine
by Anonymous November 08, 2003
Something unexpected, surprising, exciting
I got this toe popper of a kiss from the homeless man on the street corner! Then he asked me for $5...
by KJ November 07, 2003
The thin layer of fabric in the front of a thong that is too small for the wearer.
Upon learning that yet again her thong had failed to hold in her camel toe, Candi exclaimed, "Damn! I need to get rid of that toe popper"
by Candi November 07, 2003