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The hottest and most talented actor around today.
Crispin Glover is the shiznit.
by Candi May 26, 2003
A type of molestation
I have been shmuhlested.
by Candi March 21, 2005
Awesome sweet ass shit
Something you say when something good happens.
Candi: Man Scott was great last night
Megan: Oh Sookeh Sookeh!!
by Candi July 25, 2004
The BEST band in the entire universe.
I love ZELLA MAYZELL so much that I can't stop listening to them because they're amazing and obviously the best band in the entire universe.
by Candi January 14, 2005
name for a sexy hot chick walking down the street, struttin her stuff.
psst, hey sweetness, ur my sugar dumplin
by candi June 17, 2004
Meaning BAD~
Not Good
Justin<very kermy.
Scott and Robbie< Oh NOT Kermy:)
"Dude that guy last night was really Kermy, Megan"
by Candi July 25, 2004
a board in which you lay someone on before you finger them
jac and candi were on the fingerboard
by Candi September 17, 2004

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