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A drip...
The bag of fluid on a stand that has a tube goin strate into a vein in ur arm..
i guess thats wat it is...
abbreviation: I.V.
the word intravenous wasnt defined yet so i thort i mite define it :)
#i.v. #drip #hospital #sick #50 cent #lol
by moshisapyro August 25, 2008
(Shortened from the adverb)- Directly aloof or passive-aggressive young adult (often of another social sphere or class) towards another passive or subversive young adult through illusory actions or words; Seemingly meant to help, but usually is rude and abrupt, often confusing the other person into a vacuum of blankness
"Girl, that comment was F'n intravenous when I was just tryina finish my HW…wth is ^ ?!" or "Vickie was pretty intravenous when she thought she was being helpful organizing my office space when I was busy with work, WTH?", or "I don't really know what with she meant by that intravenous comment"…
#unsettle #confuse #disrupt #appease #enlighten
by Jelenova March 29, 2015
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