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The lines that are located under a guys 6-pack, or slightly toned abdomen, that form in the shape of the letter V and lead directly to his package.
"Ryan Reynolds totally had "The V" in Blade Trinity."
by Brittan M. Rudy August 04, 2006
A slang word for the Vagina
"I want The V"
by donaldduck23 July 04, 2013
A vag.
he Wants The V so badly....
by A random person 23.0 November 03, 2013
A Thev can be used in multiple sentences.

It refers to a male friend/mate who cannot control his feelings towards a female companion.

He is always willing to go the "extra" mile to score with a female.

He is the one friend/mate who is always jumping from female to female, uninterested in a mutual relationship but rather a more physical one.

Get the Picture?
Hey stop being such a Thev!

You are a Thev!

Howzit Thev?
by DJ_Mah3n November 23, 2011
The Greatest Place on Earth. America's Playground.
Las Vegas, NV!
Anything can happen in The V!
by BiggieRobs March 08, 2004