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The pooch of fat someone has at their stomache.
by KJ October 03, 2003
A place where diversity is a foreign word, and the girls wouldnt dare wear anything execpt pink, pearls,and a camo hat with their sorority letters on it, and you will stick out like a sore thumb if it doesn't look like you took 9 and 1/2 hrs to get ready.
Wow is she a barbie in a pink parade.
No she goes to University of Florida.
by KJ November 29, 2004
A dream where, inside the dream, you know you are dreaming. Imagine being Neo in the matrix. Knowing its fake and having control. These dreams are also more intense and vivid than regular dreams.
I had a lucid dream where I flew around.
by KJ October 27, 2003
Large breasts on a female. Often described as bodacious.
by KJ October 03, 2003
Large female breasts.
by KJ October 03, 2003
To complain or bitch about something.
Stop whining about your sex life, and go get a whore!
by KJ November 07, 2003
Really dope, underrated MC
born in Englang during WWII,
suffers on ALS , which forces him to roll with a wheelchair with 24' Spinners.
Isn´t able to speak, but his lyrics are Milestones in history of rap.
My Favorites :
F*ck the Creationists´
The Mighty Stephen Hawking
All My Shootin's Be Drivebys
Then up ahead cold chilling in the street,
six motherfuckers from MIT.
I flick off the safety, check my grip,
and load a dum-dum clip.
I glance at the Doom to make sure he's packed,
his fingers on the trigger of his baby Mac.
Time to give a Newtonian demonstration,
of a bullet its mass and its acceleration.
by KJ February 16, 2005

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