Something unexpected, surprising, exciting
I got this toe popper of a kiss from the homeless man on the street corner! Then he asked me for $5...
by KJ November 07, 2003
Top Definition
M14 Anti-Personnel Mine, widely employed by U.S. Soldiers during the Vietnam Conflict. Called the Toe-Popper due to its low explosive charge which was just capable of blowing a man's foot off.
The V.C. soldiers never noticed the toe-poppers until everyone of them was missing a portion of their foot.
by militaryman November 08, 2003
a person with a foot fetish; specifically, one who enjoys licking and sucking a woman's toes and her feet.
Being with Jeanette and her delicious size 11's made me the toe popper that I am today!
by Robbie November 10, 2003
A small anti-personnel mine.
The fuel dump was protected by a field of scattered toe-poppers, making it impossible to approach.
by David November 08, 2003
An intravenous drug addict who injects their fix between their toes to make the track marks less conspicuous.
Christopher Moltisanti was a toe popper, shooting heroin between his toes, before Tony Soprano sent him to rehab (and threatened to kill him).
by Led Zeppole November 08, 2003
The thin layer of fabric in the front of a thong that is too small for the wearer.
Upon learning that yet again her thong had failed to hold in her camel toe, Candi exclaimed, "Damn! I need to get rid of that toe popper"
by Candi November 07, 2003
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