A 1337 ninja clan that frequent the GameFAQs Message Boards Toaster Oven.
Even pirates fall before the TOasters.
by Flame060 February 16, 2005
A reference to a somewhat "inside" joke used in the LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bi, Transgendered) community to the 'joke' (that is never actually spelled out when used, lest you ruin the joke and look sorta stupid), that, for every straight person that a LGBT person "recruits" into the gay ranks, the recruiting LGBT person gets a toaster as an incentive, like some banks did (long ago) to get new accounts. This reference to banking incentives shows how long this "joke" has been around. The "joke" is at the expense of the right wingers who have for years tried to characterize gay people as "those horrible deviants who are making our children (or adults) gay!!!!". Like, "Okay, YOU GOT US! We ARE recruiting! AND, we are even so organized and wily in our scheme, we have incentives and prizes for recruiting your precious, previously heaven-bound little Johnny into our shameless, hell-bound ranks."
(One lesbian to another, while discussing another person of interest): "Well, she's 'straight', but if you can get her, you know you'll get a toaster!"

Or, (One gay man to another, tounge-in-cheek): "I hope I can get that (heterosexual) man to love me! I can always use another toaster!"
by TomPnCA. February 25, 2006
Toaster: noun (plural Toasters) An ethnic slur denoting a Cylon, usually a Centurion, as they resemble 'walking chrome toasters' but can also applied to any other kind of Cylon.

"Fraking Toaster!"
by cyx1105hGr1a July 11, 2008
It's actually a girl who sleeps with FIVE or more guys from the same fraternity house, where yes, there is a toaster awarded and she is pretty much ridiculed from that moment on in the Fraternity
"Cindy is such a toaster, I wouldn't touch her with a 10 foot pole"
by toast lover September 15, 2005
getting a straight person to go gay for the first time. Like when you open a new account at a bank they used to give you a toaster.
Susie got a toaster last night at the Indigo Girls concert.
by divamermaid October 31, 2009
1) noun used in LGBT circles to describe a romantic interest with ambiguous gender identity.
2) someone who presents a quandary, usually romantic
I just can't stop thinking about that mesmerizing toaster.
by olivesmarch4th June 22, 2005
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