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a white person, the term is usually meant to be derogatory
yeah that mayonaise monkey hit me up yesterday lookin for soome trees
by cze July 19, 2005
to be fucced up on a level only explained by this ridiculous word, seasoned and then baked for hours... hammied/hammy'd
i am hammy'd cuz that was that grinchy wasn't it?
by cze July 19, 2005
that good superb chronic usually very green and smells as good.
yeah i got that grinchy in this weekend u wanna sacc?
by cze July 19, 2005
a gun that is stolen, probly hotter than a firecracker in the bar-b-q pit at satans crib
hey blacc hand me that toaster so i can get this kid.
by cze July 19, 2005

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