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14 definitions by k9norn

Carrying developing offspring within the body.
"I think I'm pregnant.."
by k9norn March 20, 2004
985 419
The condition of being pregnant.
Mavis craved toothpaste throughout her pregnancy.
by k9norn March 20, 2004
462 255
(1.) A person that feeds on the flesh of other humans.
(2.) An animal that eats it's own kind.
(3.) Someone who performs oral sex on others.
(4.) Someone who eats the tinned meat from Netto.
(1.) I hear this movie has cannibals in it!
(2.) These animals often resort to cannibalism when they have eaten all other species in the area.
(3.) Cannibals are fun!
(4.) Eww.. you're eating 1/2 Priis netto's tinned meat? Are you a cannibal or something?
by k9norn November 12, 2003
140 56
Shitty chain of danish shops that sell contaminated food.
He'll eat anything, even food from Netto! o.O
by k9norn November 12, 2003
31 14
(1.) Crappy japanese company that sell shitty electronics and leaky ships with whitewash put on them.
(2.) A religion involving little cards, magic rocks and rapists. Despised by almost everyone that knows about it and doesn't belong to it.
(3.) A person belonging to this religion.
(1.) God, what the fuck are yonohari going to make next?
(2.) Let's set fire to that yonohari temple.
(3.) Michael is a yonohari! Let's beat him up!
by k9norn November 12, 2003
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See dictator and dockie.
hey storminite hav u deleted all his posts yet lolol ^_^
by k9norn November 12, 2003
2 4
(1.) Shitty american variant of mahjong.
(2.) To perform anilingus on someone.
(1.) I am sick to death of playing fucking monopoly! Hey, I know, let's play morejong instead!
(2.) Can I morejong you?
by k9norn November 12, 2003
2 5