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To take action. Go along with a plan or scheme.
"what are you gonna do Bar-b-q or mildew"
by Precise March 08, 2006
The first outdoor meal law students eat after taking the bar.
EJ was starving after a long day of taking the Bar exam, so he celebrated with a BAR-b-q.
by hoodie08 July 31, 2009
Misspelling of barbecue-food marinated meat cooked usually outside on a hot grill. Also erroneously called barbeque by dumbasses/Southerners and lazy spellers.
I'm fixin' to git me some Bar-B-Q Y'all! Who's all comin' with?
by busterboner September 05, 2009
Getting pussy. Not the "makin luv" shit, just gettin a nut. Tappin that ass.
"What ya wando...Bar-b-q or mildew?"
by QCB August 22, 2005