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As Ciara Says, "goodies can be whatever you want them to be, like your number, hugs, kisses etc. So actually you are all right but there are other things other than those!
I Bet u want my goodies.

Bet you thought about it!
by ~~Me~~ June 01, 2005
The slang term describing any one or more of 5 distinct parts of the female anatomy.
Boy I'd like to get my hands on her goodies.
by Harry T. Stone July 19, 2008
something attractive or pleasing, especially cake, cupcakes, cookies, or candy!
Bob: Hey, look at Britney's goodies!!
Melba: Wow! Yeah you're right that cupcake looks awesome
Bob: Oh, i wasn't talking about the cupcake....
by Melba Loves CUPPYCAKES May 29, 2011
A man who can do no bad. This person will abstain from DRINKING, smoking, lying, fornication and many other evils. This good man, also called Goodman, does not shy away from sports. He excels at sports such as chess. Physical sports such as basketball or even dodgeball are far to difficult a task. A Goody is very unsuccessful with the ladies. In fact, the ladies will only come to him out of pity.
A Goody was playing a Nep in chess, and their collective brain power was so extreme, the chess board blew up!
by rigo aguayo September 29, 2005
Breasts, vagina and/or butt, making "they stay in the jar" mean "I will keep my clothes on."
My goodies, my goodies, my goodies, not my goodies.
---CIARA ( from the song, Goodies)
by Mr. Terrence L. Trezvant May 30, 2005
a place full of assbags
i work at goodys the place full of assbags
by jt April 17, 2005
This would be high grade marijuana, hydro, kush, headies.
What really good with the goodies.
by SouthernSlang August 04, 2009
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