general derogatory term used to denote a stupid, foolish, rude, or otherwise undesirable individual. among friends, can also be used affectionately. usually used as a noun, but can also be used as an adjective.
i can't believe you said that, you are such a toad.

get out of my way, you huge toad.

i'm sorry your parents grounded you, that is so toad.
by toadfacemcgee February 22, 2006
a half-dumb person
Guy: "Hey wuts up"(trips and falls and laughs at himself and continues with the converstaion like nothing ever happened)
Girl:(Dumb look on her face) "Your such a toad"
Guy: "Wut it didn't hurt it was just three steps" (lol)
by Tippy_07 December 27, 2010
there are many ways to use the word toad, one example is, an item or person that represents what is a "barr" moment. Another example is when a person is at bat, or put under pressure, his or her teammates or colleagues can support that person by yelling "toooaaadd!". Or, finally you can use the word toad to say hello to another person.
Toad?", "hey what do you say now toooaaaaaddddd!!!". "Hey whats up toad"
by LAVA! February 21, 2011
A small child-like being with a mushroom on its head.
You give Nintendo some magic mushrooms, and look what they did to the frogs...
by moofah December 07, 2003
Noun used in reference to a woman's vagina when glimpsed from behind, giving the appearance of a toad poking its face out from between her legs.
She bent over and I got an eye-full of toad.
by X6s6 January 09, 2015
a disgusting or nasty person, based on looks and personality
Welty is a shoal toad.
by SOBP January 17, 2008
An abbreviation to the word 'totally'
-"I don't know, should i go to the pub?"

-"Oh man, you should toads come to the pub with us"
by Chrissers July 18, 2006

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