the most coolest guy in the fire house
toad is cool
by firetoad March 05, 2010
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means anything you want it to mean
Oh man, that party last night was wicked toad!
by stephie p diddy March 04, 2005
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word for a girl with no shape to her body
guy 1"man dat girls got no shape to her body"
guy 2 "wot like a toad"
by d watson July 10, 2008
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Acronym meaning either "Totally On A Dick" or "Totally Over A Dick". Used to describe a obsessive single person looking for only sexual grates, usually in an oral fashion but not always. TOAD can most often be observed when used at a party to describe a often ignored female who becomes so obsessed with getting the male any way possible, that she becomes orally inclined or just sexually obsessive over having sex in that endeavor.

Guy1: What is up with Jennifer tonight? She's practically giving Jim a blowjob with his pants on.
Girl1: She's just T.O.A.D. because he is ignoring her. As soon as he starts to get in to it, she'll back off.

Dude1: God damn! That girl just swooped in and snookied that guy with a BJ and stole him away from Julie.
Dude2: She's just being a T.O.A.D. because she is obsessed with his dick. She'll be done with him after she gets some.
Dude1: I knew something was wrong when she ignored free drinks for him! What a greedy slut!?! She's only in it for the dick!
Dude2: Yup, absolutely a T.O.A.D. dude.
by HailDarkLord February 16, 2010
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a fat slug that hunches over while playing on the computer
Kenny is a fat toad.
by GT "shadow" March 28, 2008
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A "slang" term for flop-a-hops; those little green things that jump that you fry or cut up and bake as an additive to pancakes.
"That toad looks more like a frog."
by minari-naga August 16, 2004
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1. short for 'toadstool'- a poisonous fungus with an umbrella-shaped body that is often brightly colored and/or spotted.
2. a poisonous mushroom
moron: What is the Nintendo character Toad and why does he have a mushroom on his head?
me: He's a TOADSTOOL. And he doesn't have a mushroom on his head, he IS a mushroom, you moron.
by Lo Beedle January 27, 2004
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