Action verb: to advertise, as to expose to view by sight or cognitively.
So, yeah, I went on ebay to ad my old computer.
by Guido1 March 26, 2010
A cute looking circumcised penis :3
Steph: heard you just got circumcised, let me see your toad! :3

Ben: What? :/
by SmellyToad January 18, 2012
a sociopath, borderline idiot savant, who should not be allowed to work around human beings, ever.
This guy was such a toad they wrote him off "The Office," but he still wouldn't leave.
by the Professor from Podunk December 07, 2010
the most coolest guy in the fire house
toad is cool
by firetoad March 05, 2010
A really fat and pissed off looking man or woman, usually located in the North of England or around Bournemouth UK.
Bus drivers and tourists usually.
"Man that is one dirty toad!" *points*
by KipStain November 27, 2010
A man who's total ineptitude with women reflects that of the character named "Toad" in the movie Gran Torino.
Man... your boy Toad is throwing his best game at that waitress but it's just useless.
by Godseystyle August 25, 2009
a fat slug that hunches over while playing on the computer
Kenny is a fat toad.
by GT "shadow" March 28, 2008

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