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19 definitions by Jan

two fairly close, or very close friends have the hots for one another. they do have some sort caring for one another, but it is not one of a romantic couple.
a man and a woman who don't enjoy commitment like to fool around with one another because they find each other attractive.
by jan July 20, 2004
Internet shorthand for I Totally Agree.
ITA Hillary! It's the perfect time for a woman to run for president.
by Jan September 07, 2003
ham sup, literally means "Salty" and "Wet" in Cantonese, is used to describe a dirty minded person. Salty and Wet is a reference to the taste of love juice.

Ham Sup is also another name for Andrew.
Andrew is a Ham Sup person.
by JAN June 08, 2003
Difficult, unrewarding, tough or nearly impossible to accomplish. Orson Welles did a commercial spot for frozen peas, during which he was required to say "crumb-crisp coating", at which he remarked, "ooh, that's tough."
Lois: How did the hedge-trimming go?
Nick: It was crumb-crisp, I'll tell you. I had the wrong sized blade and there were many biting flies. But I finished at last.
by Jan August 06, 2004
having a lot of money; money talks; wanting money or some kind of desire
he is such a money mouth
by jan December 09, 2003
When a femal wishes to smell just like a french christmas.
"im not going to tie a bar of soap around my neck, thats parhetic."
by jan March 22, 2003
A person that looks both, male and female.
I have a science student teacher that looked both. Apparently it was a she. She has dredlocks, and eyebrow ring, and 3 earrings on each ear. We seriously didn't know whether it was a guy or a girl so we came to the conclusion that is was bigenderous.
by Jan May 07, 2005