a disgusting or nasty person, based on looks and personality
Welty is a shoal toad.
by SOBP January 17, 2008
A cute looking circumcised penis :3
Steph: heard you just got circumcised, let me see your toad! :3

Ben: What? :/
by SmellyToad January 18, 2012
Action verb: to advertise, as to expose to view by sight or cognitively.
So, yeah, I went on ebay to ad my old computer.
by Guido1 March 26, 2010
An abbreviation to the word 'totally'
-"I don't know, should i go to the pub?"

-"Oh man, you should toads come to the pub with us"
by Chrissers July 18, 2006
a disgusting or repellent person.
Get out of my face you little toad.
by Light Joker September 27, 2004
Medical term--Any patient with a respiratory condition---usually brought on by ones self.
We had the E.R. cleaned out and then they drug this Toad in at 3 A.M.
by vernon dutton January 22, 2004
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