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1. To score a female and hook up with her at the end of the night. To podium is usually the ultimate goal.

2. When a female is looking to

a. get with you

b. to get with you for your money

c. to get with you for your fame if you ride motocross

and/or any other action sport and are going pro or on

that road.

The term derives from sunny so-cal especially in the Inland Empire, mainly Temecula, Canyon Lake area where there are many known females that strive to meet dudes who ride motocross, BMX or are in the action sports community who are going somewhere with their sport and are trying to tool them for their soon to come if not already FAME. They know that if they stick with these dudes that they'll too be in the spotlight and will get rich or famous. Some of these women are blunt about it or can easily be spotted by their style of clothing, hanging out with numerous athletes, or staking out local tracks and events. They can also be tracked by checking their facebook friends to see which pro riders are on their friends list.
"Dude I totally podium'd last night with Ashley."

"Pshh dude, she asked you if you ride BMX?..lose
her the trick's definitely trying to podium."
by yodudei'manonymous September 10, 2011
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