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Receiving its name from F1 racing, the Grand Prix is a popular 4-door sedan/sports car made by Pontiac (GM).
Initially manufactured in 1966, the Grand Prix has been one of the most popular cars driven ever since.
I love my 2004 Grand Prix. Too bad she's gotten me so many speeding tickets...
by BunnyWings July 10, 2006
An awesome car that is fast and reliable. Too bad GM discontinued them. : (
Dude: Did you just see that car fly by us?

Other Dude: Yea, that was a 1998 Pontiac Grand Prix GTP.
by grand prix January 15, 2010
Though it is the name of a car made by Pontiac, it has been made an insult by calling the owners of said cars Grand Prix (pronounced Pricks.)
"Did you see those guys cut us off?"

"Sure did Bob, they were some grand prix"
by cool4dude May 03, 2005
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