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Muhammad is an Arabic word after the Last Prophet of God. One of the most beautiful names to ever exist. Muhammad is kind, generous and humble. He who have it and know its real meaning never bow forth hardships of life. He know struggle and he know pain and handle them in the most patient and beautiful ways. He forgives his haters, he helps his enemies. He gives everyone a chance to prove themselves even when all odds are against them. He stand steady through criticism and answers his bullies with a beautiful smile, he won't hesitate to pray for them for they lack light in their lives and should be given a chance to seek it even though they refused to it several times.
Your name is Muhammad, the most perfect men to walk on this earth... don't forget it and don't let down your name. You are a symbol, an example. Be like him. Be like the most beautiful man.
by WeHaveFreedom July 31, 2015
Another Spelling of "Muhhamad" or "Mohammad" or "Mohamad" or "Muhamed" or "Mohamed" or "Mohammed" or "Muhammed" or "Mohhammad" or "Mohhamed"...etc. Muhammad is the Name of The Final Prophet of God, according to Islam.
"Hey mate, Muhammad is another spelling of "Muhhamad" or "Mohammad" or "Mohamad" or "Muhamed" or "Mohamed" or "Mohammed" or "Muhammed" or "Mohhammad" or "Mohhamed"...etc.
by James Abdullah June 04, 2006
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