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1. To have superior power over.
2. To surpass or outdo.
3. When a person says "trump," you are required to do whatever you just claimed you would do, no matter how exaggerated it was. If you don't do it, you get a spartan kick to the chest.
1. Bob: The president's word trumps yours, Joe, you homeless piece of shit. When he says something it must be done.
2. Joe: Man, I'll trump your ass in a fight!
3. Bob: I'll eat my own shit if I don't beat you!
Joe: Trump!
After losing the fight, Bob has to eat his own shit (or else get a spartan kick to the chest from Joe).
#trump #ace #cap #own #beat #spartan kick
by groggey December 12, 2008
A reference to someone being "owned".
"Rosie O'Donnel got Trump'd big time by the Donald!"
#trump #trump'd #trumped #trumpp #trummp #trummped #trumpped #trummp'd #trumpp'd
by Fish Stick December 21, 2006
taken from the powerhouse Donald Trump, to take over.
Yale gets trumped every game, by UCONN.
by Torr April 09, 2004
A reference to something being HUGE, grandiose or phenomenal.
"The year '07 is going to be so TRUMP!"

#trump #trumped #trump'd #trumpped #trumpp #trummped #trummp #trummp'd
by Fish Stick December 21, 2006
trump is a stupid-ass-haircut that looks like shit.
Look at that trump, hahaha
by southwest December 07, 2004
A polite way to suggest the passing of wind.
After a shit I sometimes trump!
#fart #bottom burp #the brown cloud #guff #parp
by clicker head October 12, 2005
When someone farts, comes from England, kinda.
Did someone just trump?
by Kelsey April 05, 2005
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